Make your apps into advanced study tools with detailed student and class reports for teachers and parents!

Experience increased usage of your apps. Students will be motivated by getting experience points and virtual rewards as they solve problems in your apps.

Students can compete with other students worldwise on our leaderboards. All results are grouped under subjects and topics.

You can save students results and progress when using Kapabel. This way you can support several students on one iPad. The students can continue where they left of instead of sharing their progress with other students.

Let teachers host exciting multiplayer competitions in class using your app. This is easy to set up with the Kapabel SDK!

Submit your app to our app catalogue where teachers can buy them!

We recommend 3rd party Kapabel apps when we are demonstrating our anaytics tool at schools. This is free marketing for your apps and can lead to a lot of downloads!

Kapabel is quick and easy to integrate. It is also completely free to use in as many apps as you want!

We are always looking for more app-developers to integrate with. Sign up here and we will contact you.
Read the documentation here.
Download our Swift SDK here.

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