Kapabel Mathematics

Kapabel Mathematics 1-2 is a large collection of games and exercises for kids in first and second grade. The idea behind the app is to cover the majority of the curriculum of the two first years of primary school mathematics.

How to get started.

1. Download Kapabel Mathematics 1-2.

2. Sign up for Kapabel to get a Kapabel-code for your class.

3. Your students enter this code when starting the app for the first time.

4. You now have access to all the reports here at Kapabel.io!

About the content.

The content is put together based on topics and attainment targets from the mathematics curriculum in the US, UK and Norway.

The mathematics curriculum is divided into four main topics of study, numbers, geometry, measurements and statistics. These main topics are divided into sub topics, and the student results are grouped under these topics. The app has over 170 games with thousands of exercises!
Counting and amounts.

Even numbers, odd numbers, counting.

Number line.

One- and two digit numbers, even numbers, odd numbers, counting, subtraction, addition.


One- and two digit numbers, even numbers, fives and tens up to 100.


One- and two digit numbers, even numbers, fives and tens up to 100.


Triangle, circle, square, pentagon, hexagon, parallelogram and trapezoid.

Patterns and symmetry.

Remember and describe patterns.

Length and area.

Assesment of object size, calculation of length and area.


Days of the week, months of the year, analog clock.


Coins and bills.


Tally marks from 1 to 20, sort and categorise items, read basic charts.

Offline and online.
Kapabel Mathematics 1-2 works well even if you don’t have an internet connection. All student results are saved locally and they will be submitted to our server as soon as you get internet connection.

Student profile.
In addition to the analytics tools for teachers and parents, the app also includes profiles for the students. When students use the app they will gain experience points. These points are grouped under topics and subjects, so the students can level up their addition or subtraction skills just like in an RPG.

This is very motivating for students! They also win Kapabel-coins that they can use for unlocking new levels.

More information.
Please contact us if you have any questions. You can find the contact form here.

You can find more information for teachers here.

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