Find the best app for your class in our app catalogue.

Increase student learning by taking advantage of our analytics tools.

See what your students are working on live. You can also host exciting completitions in class!

Get notified when some of your students are struggling. Spend your time with the students that need you the most!

Students can reach new levels with their character and will be motivated by fun prices and virtual rewards. They can also compete with their friends on our leaderboards.

How to get started.

  • Step 1

    Sign up!

    Teachers can register at Kapabel.io for free. It takes less than a minute!

  • Step 2

    Register your class.

    After registering you get a class code. Students use this code to join their class.

  • Step 3

    Find the best apps.

    Our app catalogue is filled with exciting apps which are used at schools all over the world. We recommend starting with our most popular app, Kapabel Mathematics 1-2, if you are teaching mathematics.

  • Step 4

    Students sign in.

    Students log in to the app with their email and password. If you use Kapabel Mathematics 1-2 students can sign up with just their name, no email is necessary. Kapabel works well if several students are sharing the same iPad as well.

  • Step 5

    Keep track of what's going on.

    Students will be shown as online in your live panel. You can see which app and task they are working on and their current performance. You can use the analytics panel from both an iPad and a laptop.

  • Step 6

    Get notified when someone has problems.

    You will get notified in your analytics panel when students are using the wrong app, are stuck on a task, done with all the tasks, etc.

  • Step 7

    Detailed student reports.

    Get detailed reports on individual students. Their results will be added automatically as they solve problems in apps on their iPad.

  • Step 8

    Class reports.

    You will also get access to class reports. Here you can follow your class' performance over time in various subjects and apps.

Sign up to the Kapabel analytics panel for teachers.
We can also visit your school to show how Kapabel works. Please let us know when you sign up.