Find the best apps and get detailed overviews over student performance when using iPad in the classroom!

What is Kapabel?

Kapabel is a web service developed to increase student learning when using iPad in the classroom. Kapabel keeps track of which apps are being used and how the students are solving problems inside the apps. We then give teachers access to data on student performance in detailed reports on individual students and the class as a whole.

Newest app

The best way to get started with Kapabel is to download Kapabel Mathematics 1-2. Kapabel Mathematics 1-2 is a large collection of games and exercises for kids in first and second grade. The idea behind the app is to cover the majority of the curriculum of the two first years of primary school mathematics.

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Kapabel Mathematics 1-2.

Subject: Mathematics.
Kapabel Mathematics 1-2 is our largest and most popular app and the best way to get started with Kapabel.
Norway Quiz.

Subject: Geography.
Norway Quiz tests your knowledge of Norwegian geography. With over 1000 questions there are hours of fun!
Math Box.

Subject: Mathematics.
Move the math box while you solve addition problems.
Words in the Corner.

Subject: Norwegian.
Play and learn with words in the corner. Learn Norwegian words by placing them in the correct corner.
Spelling Bridge.

Subject: English.
Build and explore in this fun game. You learn new English words as you are building a bridge.
Alphabet Zombie.

Subject: Norwegian.
Take the role as a cute zombie running around the beach picking up letters of the alphabet.

Subject: Mathematics.
In Decimals you help the math professor solve addition and subtraction problems with decimal numbers.
Math Bridge.

Subject: Mathematics.
Solve math problems and build bridges in this fun game for primary school kids.
Numbers Worm.

Subject: Mathematics.
Solve addition and subtraction problems in this exciting iPad game.
Addtion Game.

Subject: Mathematics.
This game teaches children basic math skills.
Numbers Zombie.

Subject: Mathematics.
Numbers Zombie is a fun math game where you are running around the beach picking up numbers.
English Corner Words.

Subject: English.
Simple but fun app that teaches you new English words.

Kapabel is being integrated in new apps all the time. If you are using educational apps in your class that you wish had Kapabel integrated, please let us know!

  • App-catalogue

    In our app catalogue teachers can find apps based on recommendations from other teachers.

  • Class reports

    Teachers can view performance for the entire class based on subjects and topics. They can also see which tasks are the most challenging and how performance changes over time.

  • Live Panel

    Teachers can watch live which apps the students are using and how they are performing.

  • Student reports

    Our student reports give teachers detailed reports on student performance.

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